Rockfishes of the Northeast Pacific

$ 24.00

Well, what can we say about The Rockfishes of the Northeast Pacific?

Apparently plenty.

This book is definitely the Grande Dame, Émience Grise, Cordon Sanitaire and other French-derived terms that we put in italics and often harbor those silly accent marks of rockfish books.

Here it is, and at a price that even you, living in that derelict grain elevator you rent from the North Dakota Grain Dealers Association in Dismal Seepage, North Dakota (city motto: “It’s not abysmal, it’s truly Dismal”) can afford.

Yes, nestled within these 405 pages are all that a normal person (and much of what an abnormal one) might want to know about the most enchanting fishes on this, or any other, planet. For surely when Gaia made the rockfishes, she looked at them and said to herself (there being no one else around at that moment) “What the hell, I’m going to get myself a beer” (she having created beer several days before).

For here you will find information on the biology, ecology, and fisheries of every damn species of rockfish on the entire Pacific Coast of North America – not excluding those expats that live in the Gulf of California. You want pictures - we have them. You want a key to all the species – lawsy, just look on pages 96–111. And do you have a hankering to see the packing labels used by American fish packers shipping these fishes to Japan (including our favorite “Head On Idiot”) - check out page 405.